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Legal English Courses for Lawyers

Legal English UK is the world's only language school dedicated to the excellence of teaching to lawyers, law students and other legal professionals. The majority of our teachers are based in London and we deliver classes online as well as face-to-face.

Our trainers have taught over 2,700 lawyers and law students to communicate effectively and confidently in a second language. We work with a range of great law firms and organisations including Cisco Systems, Google, Baker McKenzie, Bloomsbury Law, Banco Santander and many international law firms.

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Legal English Intensive Courses

Our intensive programme can be taken in London as part of a group session or as a series of private classes. Your expert native speaker tutor focuses on the language of contract law, corporate law, negotiating and the legal system along with other subjects. Find out more here. Watch the video to see what one of our students said.

If you are a successful international lawyer or law student who is unable to visit Legal English in London, you can take your course online via Skype. Course materials are sent to you by email and you receive the same high level of tutoring as our students in London do. Find out more here.

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TOLES Preparation Courses

The Test of Legal English Skills (TOLES) is an examination that you can take to determine your level of Legal English. Our course can prepare you for the exam. Find out more.

Immerse yourself fully in the language of Legal English. Focus on grammar, vocabulary and idiomatic language and try your hand at negotiating and interviewing clients with regular feedback from our tutors.

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Learn TOLES Online

Take a one-to-one TOLES exam preparation course online via Skype with an expert teacher. Study Legal English and understand how language and the law work together to become fully confident in the exam.

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Language Courses for Law Firms

Legal English Language Training has worked with Cisco Systems, Google, Atlantica, Hardwicke, Jausas Law and countless other law firms. Why do they choose a boutique language course provider? Find out.

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TOLES Test of Legal English Skills

The TOLES Test of Legal English Skills is one of the exams that lawyers and law students can take to test their knowledge of English for Law. Prepare for the exam with us in London and then take the exam at the nearby London Exam Centre.

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London Legal English Training

There is only one city in the world where you can improve your skills in Legal English. London is the capital of the English language as well as English law and our tutors are perfectly placed to help students who need more than a language school.

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Legal English Writing Skills

Learn how to draft excellent commercial contracts in your second language. Why should native speaker lawyers have the advantage over you when you can learn how to draft a contract or legal document with our expert language teachers.

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Business English Courses

We have teamed up with our great friends at London Language Training to run courses in English for Business. You can choose to take a few classes on the subject in addition to your Legal English course or you can take a full course in its own right. Classes are available in London, online, and in selected countries around the world with our partnership programme. All courses are accredited by Unique Language Training.

Join us for this comprehensive training course and develop invaluable knowledge on key areas of the law in England & Wales. The primary aim of this course is to equip delegates with the tools and knowledge that they need to understand English law. This is particularly useful for lawyers seeking to understand complex commercial agreements that are subject to English law.

This bespoke French language course is aimed at lawyers undertaking work in France, Belgium or French-speaking countries. It provides delegates with a deeper understanding of French law and the language used to communicate between business people and fellow lawyers. It is available as a face-to-face course in London or as a distance course online.