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Legal Writing Course

Legal Writing Course

Having the confidence to write Legal English clearly, correctly and with clarity is one of the key reasons why clients will keep returning to you. It will also allow them to assess your strengths as a lawyer. In Legal English, you need to master accurate legal writing to progress up the career ladder. Every document you draft is a reflection of your professional ability. This is where our lessons will help.

Legal English Writing Classes

Legal writing is a crucial element to being a competent lawyer. During our regular meetings with Magic Circle law firms, one of the most frequent concerns raised by senior solicitors is the lack of strong writing skills among lawyers joining the profession. It is a shame that not only newly qualified solicitors find legal writing difficult but even lawyers who have more experience struggle to write a coherent letter or draft an impactful contract.


Legal English UK's writing courses are designed to respond to the needs of law firms and their clients. From beginner-level legal writing courses to improve your understanding of grammar and punctuation to classes that develop your e-mail and letter writing style as well as advanced courses in writing compelling legal articles and drafting contracts, we can coach you to greater success.

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Course Content

Just a few Legal Writing lessons with Legal English in London will ensure that you possess the necessary tools and ability to represent your law firm professionally, reducing the chance of loss of business caused by poor or substandard writing skills.


Some tips on improving your writing in Legal English today


Our writing courses are run by expert and experienced teachers in a variety of face-to-face and online formats to accommodate your needs and can be delivered on-site in any worldwide location or at our training centre in London. From a review of basic legal writing skills through to advanced coaching on making more of an impact on your writing in Legal English, Business English, IELTS or TOLES, our excellent language trainers are able to personalise a writing course to meet your specific writing skills requirements.


For further information contact (44)0 20 3573 0182 or e-mail us today.

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