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French Language Courses for Lawyers

Legal English UK to run language courses for KPMG and Ashurst

When the corporate legal departments of Cisco and Google or great law firms such as Baker McKenzie and Bloomsbury Law need bespoke language training for their lawyers, their first choice is always Legal English UK.

KPMG and Ashurst partner with Legal English UK

In an exciting move for Legal English UK, we are pleased to announce a partnership with KPMG in Spain, Romania and Italy as well as Ashurst LLP in London. We will be delivering Legal French courses at Ashurst's main office in Central London and will be delivering online English lessons to lawyers working at KPMG in Romania and Italy and intensive Legal English courses in London for KPMG lawyers from Spain who will be visiting us specifically for the bespoke course. Some courses will also encompass Business English.

Personalised Language Training

There are many reasons why organisations as well-respected as KPMG, Google and Ashurst choose our independent language school among the many schools of English owned by huge organisations in faraway countries. One of the most significant advantages is that all of our training programmes are bespoke. We recognise that every individual has their own learning preferences, their own skills and their own requirements from a course. It is why we design each course with the student in mind - utilising our law library, case materials, world-class teachers and relevant course books.

If your law firm or organisation would like London School of Legal English to help your lawyers to improve their language skills, contact us by filling in the form below.

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