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Private Law Tutors

Private Law Tutors

Good grades in your university law degree or at A level/AS level are essential for building a positive career as a lawyer. Private tutoring from The Legal English School can guide you to better work as a law student and lawyer.

Private Law Tutors in London & Online

Whether you have an exam coming up or need coaching in your academic studies, our law tutors are here to help you be fully prepared in the notoriously competitive legal sector. Why not get an edge over your fellow students by receiving some additional coaching to help you achieve your goals?

Our private Law tutors are talented individuals who can help you to achieve your ambitions for your course. If you need some help understanding a particular legal concept, writing an essay or need a general primer on your law course then we are the people who can tutor you.

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A-level and AS level Tutoring

Gain expert advice and coaching from your own private teacher when you take one-to-one classes in A-level Law or AS level law. We will work with you to enhance your skills and prepare you for the exam as well as lessons and course work.

LLB Law Tuition

Taking a law degree is an expensive undertaking and we are here to make sure that your investment pays off. With private tutoring from our expert teachers, you will be ready for coursework, exams and you will be able to understand lectures better.

The Legal English School helps over 2000 lawyers and law students each year to understand law and language better. Let us help you by contacting us today.

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