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Business English Course for Lawyers

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English for Law and Business Courses

Learn specialist language in Legal English and Business English from the world's number one School of Legal English. Learn how to communicate in the English legal system with this demanding and fascinating law course. The course is available online, in London and globally.

English for Law and Business Lessons

The Legal English School is focused on being a centre of excellence for legal education. We tirelessly work with lawyers and business people to ensure that our lessons are challenging, informative and of immense value.

The Legal English Grammar Guide

Course Content

The English for Law and Business course is designed to provide motivated learners with the ability to negotiate effectively with competitors in a second language, to understand the language of business law and corporate law in the UK, to deliver strong and dynamic presentations to international audiences and to navigate the language of contract law.

English for Banking Courses


Our Legal English and Business English teaching team remains the best group in the industry. Possessing deep knowledge of law and business along with adaptable teaching styles enabling us to work with students of all levels, you can be confident that you are learning from the best.

Learning Options

You can take this course online, in London or globally in certain circumstances.

For further details about the English for Law and Business courses that we offer, contact us today.

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