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There is so much information available on the web for lawyers right now that it's hard to find the time to look for everything. Legal English UK looked at the TED website to find the best films for our favourite subject.

Mary Norris is a copy editor for The New Yorker magazine. She makes sure that the beautiful sentences of the writers are punctuated correctly. Every major newspaper and magazine has a style guide that all writers and copy editors have to follow. The New Yorker's is occasionally eccentrically used - as in this article on Donald Trump's son.


The reason why we chose this speech is because lawyers are notorious for mispunctuating their correspondence and legal documents. This speech should hopefully make you more aware of any mistakes that you might be making.

When your ELT tutors talk about register, they mean the style of speaking and writing in English that you use with different people. The language of Business English and Legal English can be unfathomable even to native speakers of English. In this poweful spoken-word essay that we recommend for advanced and proficiency students only, Jamila Lyiscott looks at three ways to speak English.

Legal English Language Training has worked with quite a few lawyers whose work involves insurance law and maritime law. We frequently mention this film from lawyer Kristina Gjerde as there are so many questions to be asked about who is in charge of the sea.

This is a talk from an American gentleman who is one of the world's leading experts on legal writing.   The problem of legalese or legal jargon is something that impacts people in the US as well as here in the UK. He makes several interesting points, including a riiff on why legal documents such as your credit card contract are so long when you could easily fit the information on one page.


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