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Test of Legal English Certificate

Legal English Certificate

The Legal English Certificate is a high-level English language certificate awarded by Legal English UK to lawyers and law students that demonstrates to employers that you have a strong command of English for Law.
The Certificate of Legal English is an English for Lawyers certificate issued by Legal English Language Training UK.  The test consists of a short oral exam followed by a written test.  It may be taken after an online Legal English course or as a standalone examination for a small fee.


By the conclusion of an online Legal English course with our expert teachers, you will:


Have a deeper knowledge of the English and Welsh legal system
Be able to analyse legal contracts and draft contract clauses in an effective manner
Possess knowledge of particularly well-known cases in the United Kingdom
Understand certain legalese and legal terminology
Draft letters, emails and memoranda that have impact

The course and the examination are conducted in English.  Therefore, participants must have a good command of the English language.  The course is aimed at lawyers, judges, notaries, legal secretaries, law students, paralegals, legal executives and legal personnel whose mother tongue is not English.


Looking for a book on Legal English? We can help.


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