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Language Courses for the Oil Industry

English Courses for the Oil and Gas Sector

Do you work in the oil and gas industry? We run highly-regarded courses in English for Oil and Gas employees online and in London. It is a tailored course for employees in the energy sector who will need English to communicate in their workplace. Note that this is classed as Business English for Specific Purposes and you will need a competent teacher from a good language school to coach you. 

English for Oil Workers

These courses are designed specifically for students and professional workers in the oil and natural gas sectors. Participants should already have a good knowledge of Business English and want to improve their language and communication skills in the oil and gas sector. The programme covers speaking, writing, listening and reading.


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English for the Oil and Gas Industry: Course Content

All of our English Oil and Gas courses may be taken online, in-company or at your home or office. Areas of learning in the course are listed below:


  • Health and safety, risk assessment and accidents in the workplace

  • Work duties and responsibilities

  • Identifying and describing objects, equipment, processes and procedures

  • Language for geophysical and geological surveys and statistics

  • The language of meetings, negotiations and presentations

  • Report-writing and business e-mails

  • Sales and marketing of petroleum products.

  • Impact on the environment, society and politics of the petroleum sector

  • Fracking and blow-outs


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Aims of the Course

Having successfully completed this course, you should have more confidence and fluency in this area of Business English. You will be able to conduct yourself in meetings and during presentations with greater impact and you will be able to write constructive reports using the appropriate language.

Course Locations

Our tutors have worked with Exxon employees in Leatherhead (Surrey), Chevron staff in Farnborough and Shell employees based at Waterloo in Central London, BP workers in Aberdeen, Sunbury-on-Thames and St James's. Our network of skilled and experienced language teachers cover the United Kingdom and online to ensure that you benefit from the very best language training.


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