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Financial English Course London

English for Banking and Finance Course

Our English for Banking and Finance lessons provide dedicated students with key financial concepts in Business English. Legal English Uk's world-class language trainers will teach you the right language for networking and building professional relationships as well as working in the finance sector. Find out more about the course on this page.

Banking and Financial English Course

Working in the financial sector demands professional and confident English communication skills as you can expect to face strong competition in the selection and interview process from many of today’s banking and financial institutions as they seek to recruit only the best performers.

Business English Coaching for Executives

As specialists in Business English and Legal English, we have experience of working with students in banking and finance, FOREX, capital markets and structured finance. We understand how important it is for you to have a strong command of Business English in the fast-paced world of finance.

The best Business English Coaches

Our task, as expert Business English language trainers and coaches working in partnership with you, is to design and deliver a tailor-made Financial English course that provides you with the tools to become a confident and proficient communicator in English.

The Financial and Banking English Language training courses that we provide are carefully structured to develop proficiency in a number of areas; including sector-specific vocabulary and terminology, spoken and written communication skills and cultural training. The analysis which we carry out of your needs enable us to pinpoint the desired objectives of the programme and so provide us with the essential information necessary to devise the perfect Learn English for Banking and Finance educational package for you.

Key areas covered by the course are:

  • Personal and corporate banking

  • An overview of the financial sector

  • The European Central Bank

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

  • International Banking: currency markets and the role of foreign trade

  • World economics and investment projects

  • Interpreting data

  • Listening for gist, nuance and detail

  • Meetings: negotiating and giving presentations

  • Reducing your accent

  • Developing independent learning outside the classroom

As the world of banking and finance runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, our online live Learn English for banking and finance courses are popular for busy international bankers who are unable to attend face-to-face training programmes.

This Intensive One-to-One Online English for Banking and Finance Course aims to develop your confidence and ability to communicate effectively in English in your profession. The course is taught online through Skype and What's App and is taught directly to your home or office and can fit perfectly around any busy schedule wherever you are in the world.

Legal English Full Immersion Course in London

What you will learn

Key language areas covered by the course are:

  • Development of English grammar skills

  • English usage development

  • Word power and vocabulary

  • Semantics

  • English language register and style

  • Formal English writing

  • How to write an email

  • How to write a business report

  • Informal English writing

  • Writing to inform, advise and explain

  • Writing to argue, persuade and instruct

  • How to speak well

  • Accent reduction

  • English pronunciation

  • English elocution techniques

  • Developing listening and sub-listening skills

  • Reading skills development

  • Reading for gist

  • Reading for analytical development

  • Powerful presentation skills

  • Business negotiation skills

  • Cross-Cultural Business English skills


A Financial English training course will provide you with the ability to:

  • Stronger confidence when discussing financial documents and data

  • Increased verbal fluency for face-to-face negotiations

  • The confidence to produce professional written reports in English

  • The knowledge of important financial English terminology


A Financial English course is suitable for:

  • In-company accountants

  • Lawyers and law professionals

  • Bankers

  • Internal auditors

  • Finance managers

  • Directors and divisional managers

  • In-house counsel

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