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Legal English UK: Online Courses: Contract Drafting Course

Contract Drafting Online Course

The contract drafting course teaches the essential skills to writing clear legal contracts and document drafting, explaining essential legal vocabulary and phrases that international lawyers need to know to thrive and survive. Contact us now for further information.

Drafting Commercial Contracts Online Course

This is an 8-unit interactive online course from Legal English Language Training which you can take via Skype or What's App. The course covers contract drafting skills and the key elements of English contract law and terminology. Your private teacher is an expert in the field of Legal English language training. A certificate is awarded at the end of this course. The advantages of online learning explained The course includes the drafting, use and legal effect of basic contracts, non-competition and confidentiality agreements, assignments and third party rights, guarantees, indemnities, warranties, conditions and other contract terms. Rights, remedies and enforceability are all covered in these online lessons. The course exercises teach the techniques and vocabulary through discussion, testing and feedback from your expert teacher. Legal English Teachers All the Instructors on this course are British lawyers who work in the area of Commercial and Contract Law and are experienced trainers of Law and Legal English. Throughout the length of this course you will be guided by their knowledge, skill and teaching experience to improve your ability in reading and drafting contracts. COURSE INCLUDES

  • Reading, writing, listening and speaking exercises

  • vocabulary quizzes

  • contract templates

  • the practical language of contract formation and drafting

  • contract drafting practice

  • case studies and role plays designed to prepare you for negotiating successfully

  • contract vocabulary and phrases

  • course certificate upon successful completion

For further information on our courses in Drafting Commercial Contracts in English, email us or contact us.


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