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Legal English for fun

Legal English UK: Blog: Learn Legal English for fun

Learn Legal English and have fun while doing it

Learning Legal English and fun seems like a slight contradiction. There is much terminology to remember, lots of statutes and case law to become familiar with and you have to learn to distinguish between formal and informal language. However, there are ways to make things easier and in this post we look at some of the best ways.

While many lawyers and law students are busy with work and studies, they frequently forget to study Legal English. While it is correct that learning a language can be time consuming, it doesn't have to be boring.

Here are five ways to make learning Legal English more fun.

1. Watch legal TV shows and films

Watching TV shows and films in a second language is a great way to pick up vocabulary and cultural lessons.

If you have Netflix or another streaming service then you have thousands of hours of legal programming available at the touch of a button.

Here are some of our favourite TV shows and films for lawyers. This Google chrome extension is useful too. It allows you to have two subtitle tracks on screen at the same time and has a built-in dictionary.

2. Play games

Making things competitive or involving friends in your learning is a great way to make learning more entertaining.

A great way to practice your interview skills is with the classic board game Cluedo. The aim of the game is to determine where a murder took place and who committed the crime with what object so it would be particularly great for criminal lawyers.

3. Find a native speaker friend

All major cities around the world have language exchange programmes where you meet at a bar or cafe and chat to someone. They are an obvious way to speak and listen without worrying too much about getting things wrong.

4. Toastmasters

Speaking in public is a scary prospect but as a lawyer you will probably have to do it on a regular basis. Toastmasters is an international body that supports people to make speeches and is a helpful way to build confidence and communication skills in a friendly environment.

5. Learn with us

There had to be an ad somewhere, right? We try and keep learning Legal English as fun as possible and mix our lessons up with different exercises to keep you focused.

Legal English UK runs courses for lawyers and law students in drafting contracts, TOLES preparation, Business English and many more areas of language and communication. Contact us to find out more.

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