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Legal English UK joins Instagram

The world's only language school for lawyers, Legal English UK, continues to offer lessons for free on Instagram and other social media to bring our superb classes to a wider audience of lawyers and law students.

The excellent teachers and staff of Legal English UK are always seeking new ways to share our lessons. Our popular Facebook and Twitter pages are great sources of learning for international lawyers, law students and translators.


We added Instagram to our social media presence recently as a way of appealing directly to law students and younger lawyers who use the app frequently. It is also an excellent way of engaging directly with some of our clients at Freshfields, Jones Day and Linklaters among many other leading law firms.


Add us on Instagram

Follow the Legal English UK Instagram page and remember to like and comment on our posts. If you have any ideas of lessons that you would like to see, do let us know.


Legal English runs courses in London and Online. For further information, contact us today.

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