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Legal English UK is a world leader in online language courses for lawyers and law students. As the world's number one School of English for Lawyers, you gain great value by taking our classes involving structured practice from world-class Legal English trainers. Take a look at our range of online learning programmes below and you can start learning with our leading teachers today.

Online Legal English learning with expert teachers

Online Legal English learning is the most convenient and affordable way to study with our qualified, friendly teachers from the comfort of your home or office. You can learn through Skype, Zoom and What's App. Lessons cover a range of Legal English subjects including:


* the legal system

* the language of contract law

* business and corporate law

* international financial transactions

* drafting clear and understandable documents

* and many more areas of Legal English


Each lesson is delivered by an expert native speaker Legal English language teacher with over five years of experience teaching lawyers, law students and judges from across the world. You will be led through structured courses which will provide you with the competitive edge to excel in your career.


What are the advantages of online learning?

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