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Legal English Idioms Course

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The Business English Idioms Course

Legal English UK has designed a Business English course that introduces students to expressions used in offices and meeting rooms around the world. Narrated by one of our teachers and designed by our in-house design team, the cutting edge course is a stunning introduction to over 45 of the most used idioms in the workplace.

If you have ever burnt the candle at both ends or faced a Hobson's choice then you will know that Business English and Legal English can be highly confusing when spoken by native speakers.

That's the main reason why Legal English UK asked our teachers to come up with a new pre-recorded course on The Idioms of Business English. Many students hear idioms or read them in The Financial Times or The Wall Street Journal and struggle to understand or use them appropriately and within the appropriate context.

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The Idioms Course

The course consists of two hours of lessons devoted to the main business and legal idioms you are likely to hear in your workplace. Lessons are separated by idiom to allow you to fully understand the meaning of each expression and how it is used by advanced Legal English speakers.

The course is taught by an expert British English teacher who provides you with the correct pronunciation as well as examples on how to use each idiom together with alternative phrases. It is an easy and fun way to pick up some valuable idioms that you can start using immediately.

The Business English Idioms Course is available from Udemy.

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