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Business English Course for Executives

Executive English Course in London

Legal English Language Training provides Business English training to international managers and executives of all levels who want to compete in the global market with the world's language – English. Through client-focused interactive language training, participants learn to communicate and lead effectively in Business English.

Business English Course for Executives

We tailor each Business English programme to the needs of your firm and the sector that you work in. Our experienced qualified teachers work to enhance your English level and provide you with the confidence and fluency to excel.

Legal English Immersion Course in London

Core Program Components include Business English training for:

  • Powerful Presentations: Success in the corporate world means knowing how to deliver clear, confident and effective presentations. In our hands-on programmes, you will learn how to develop your speech skills based on the needs of your audience.

  • Meetings and Discussions: Learners often come to us frustrated that they lack the mastery of English to influence discussions in meetings and convince colleagues of their business plans and vision. We will change that and improve your confidence.

  • Business English Writing Skills In our world of email and social media, business – from the initial contact to clinching the deal – is often conducted online. How much time do you waste each day translating from your native language to answer or send important emails in English? Acquire the confidence and fluency to write well in Business English.

  • Successful Negotiations: Whether you are negotiating a new position or finalising a corporate merger, negotiations run all through business and law, and Legal English UK will show you how to negotiate with aplomb.

  • Communicating Across Cultures In discussions, negotiations and even enjoying drinks in the pub, navigating across cultural differences must be on your business radar.

  • English Language Review: We review English grammar basics for all participants on the course: verb tenses, prepositions, modal verbs, advanced vocabulary, conditional “if”, active and passive voice and many other areas of Business English.

Training can be one-on-one at a location of your choice, online or at our headquarters in London.

Legal English Vocabulary Skills Course in London and Online

Delivering impactful presentations, business English writing skills and participating in meetings and discussions require clear and convincing communication. Whether you are a CEO, a corporate lawyer, an entrepreneur or a middle manager stepping up into a new position, Legal English UK offers international executives targeted business English training for persuasive presentations, writing effective emails and managing discussions at business meetings. Our Business English and Legal English programmes include coaching in English grammar and pronunciation.

Contact Us about English for the Oil and Gas Sector Course

Improve your English business writing and practice your business presentations in a comfortable setting with the best international Business English trainers. By increasing your confidence, competence and fluency, you will expand your power to do business in English. Our training course materials have been developed and refined over 25 years with international executives from FTSE 100 companies and top international law firms and organisations.

How do I improve my presentation skills in Legal English?

Strengthen your English and confidence, so you can attract and build trust with international clients, influence decisions and lead to your full potential. This is not school – it’s business. Let Legal English UK take your career to the next level.

English for Banking and Finance Course in London and Online

Legal English UK runs language courses for lawyers, executives, entrepreneurs and busienss professionals. For further information on our courses contact us today.

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