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How to draft a contract

Legal English UK partners with Dubai-based ENLITE

The Legal English School is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with Dubai-based language training institute ENLITE to bring a specialist course on contract drafting in English to the UAE.

Course Duration The course is run over three to five days and is particularly aimed at lawyers and legal professionals whose work involves reading and/or drafting contracts during their work. It is also a superb opportunity for lawyers who are unable to take one of our courses in London to benefit from teaching by our British Legal English teachers.

Drafting Contracts: A Short Guide

Course Coverage

By the end of the course, it is anticipated that delegates will have gained the practical techniques necessary for drafting and understanding watertight contracts. There will also be significant practical exercises on effective negotiation skills.

Contract Law Cases: A Lesson

Course Schedule

Day One

How to write clearly

Elements of Effective Contracts

What makes a clear contract?

Day Two

Principles of Contracts and Contract Law

Planning for problems

Day Three

Establishing Agreement: Offer, Acceptance and Consideration

Drafting and Understanding a Contract

Course Aims

Delegates will develop the skills needed to improve their writing in terms of structure, style, accurate grammar, collocations, prepositions and choice of vocabulary.

If you would like further information about this course or any of our other training courses, please contact us.

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