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Private Legal English Course London


The Immersion Legal English Course in London is a one-to-one course for busy ambitious lawyers keen to improve rapidly. If you are a lawyer, law student or legal professional looking for the best training in Legal English, this course from the best Legal English teachers is ideal for you.

Legal English in London has designs tailored courses for lawyers and law professionals that will fully prepare you for the legal sector. During these intensive lessons, you will improve your confidence and fluency in English Language for Law. It is a bespoke language course for ambitious international lawyers who require relevant and structured lessons from a group of expert teachers who are known for their leadership and dynamism in Legal English. Email us or contact us for further information.


Do you need to learn Legal English to an advanced level? Perhaps you are relocating or have relocated to the UK or the US and need a deeper understanding of this complicated language. Is your law firm is expanding into foreign markets and you need to develop your negotiating skills in Business English? Does your law firm have clients who only speak English and you need to stay ahead of the competition? Our Legal English Immersion Course in London is the perfect solution for you.

A confidence and fluency in Legal English and Business English is an essential requirement for any ambitious international lawyer. Legal English UK's Full Immersion Course is your passport to rapid mastery of the language and the law. With this structured programme from expert teachers, you will gain the confidence and skills necessary to win in the highly competitive field of international law.

Find out more about Online Legal English Training right here.

Tailor-made Legal English Language Training

Increase your confidence in speaking to colleagues, clients and counterparts with with private one-to-one lessons from your own team of private Legal English language trainers. Improve your knowledge and communication skills with an exclusive personalised language programme which is tailored to your professional circumstances – with a structure designed to hone your language skills as fast as possible with leadership from the best Legal English teachers.

Our experienced language trainers will use specially created course content aligned with your individual learning objectives. This assures you will learn in situations that reflect your real-world experiences, so you can immediately practise your new-found language skills in real-life situations.

Follow The Legal English Method of Learning

Our exclusive method of teaching Legal English is different from the language schools of the past. We focus on communication skills, real-life speaking scenarios and real-life situations. We use case studies and specially designed course materials to provide students with the tools necessary to master Legal English successfully.

Why should I take this course?

* Learn with the only independent School of English for Lawyers in the world

* Your personal team of professional Legal English language teachers

* Flexible language training programme from one day to 12 weeks

* 2 to 1 lessons with two language teachers to enhance your conversation and negotiation skills +

* Learning materials included within the course fee

* Accompany your trainer to networking events to meet successful lawyers and entrepreneurs +

* Take a tour of Legal London with your private Legal English teacher +

* Working lunch at a London restaurant with your instructor to consolidate your skills +

+ Only available on London Legal English Courses of one week or longer.

Do you have any questions? Contact us using the form below, email us or telephone us at (44)0 20 3573 0182.

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