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Why learn Legal English

5 ways learning Legal English will make you smarter

by Erica Jones, Contributor, Legal English UK

Mastering Legal English and Business English is a great way to add new skills to your life but there are several other advantages to learning a language and understanding the law.

When I was a law student, the idea of learning Legal Spanish or Legal French would have scared me. Few British people study foreign languages beyond high school.

Having sat in on several Legal English UK language classes, I have gained a respect for both tutors and students who are willing to commit their time and energy to learning.

This has made me rethink my previous ambivalence towards learning a second language so I thought I would explore some of the other ways that learning a second language can benefit us all.

1. It makes you smarter

Research has consistently shown that learning a second language helps you with your reasoning, creativity and your ability to problem solve. It has also been proven to delay the onset of dementia.

2. Gives you greater access to information

While Google Translate can be of enormous help, the ability to understand English language TV shows and books without the need for translation is incredibly satisfying. Imagine watching Suits and understanding everything that Meghan Markle is saying - superb!

3. Cope with the unknown

With a pandemic, climate change and many other risks around at the moment, the ability to cope with the unknown and the unpredictable is a great skill to have. According to linguist Amy Thompson of the University of South Florida, learning multiple languages can give you a 'tolerance for ambiguity'. This means that language learners find unfamiliar situations exciting rather than frightening.

INSEAD Professor Linda Brimm has pointed out that well-travelled people can provide a competitive advantage to employers. She points out that people who have grown familiar with the complexities of a second language possess an agile mind.

4. Makes things more interesting

Imagine being sat in a pub and you overhear the group next to you talking about a legal case in the news recently.

With your knowledge of Legal English you can make a powerful contribution to the debate, make some new friends and have an interesting night in the pub.

5. It raises your awareness

Learning a second language gives you practical intelligence and the ability to pick up on social cues. This is because when conversing with a native speaker your brain has to do some extra work to understand the context if you cannot place a particular word or expression.

Learning Legal English is not just good for your career but also good for your personal life and longevity. So what are you waiting for? Book that course today.

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