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The TOLES Exam is changing

The Test of Legal English Skills is the only paper exam in English for lawyers and law students. From 2022, it will change. We provide the details.

The TOLES Test of Legal English Skills is changing. We have been consulted on the changes and will continue to help students prepare for the exam with our world-class lessons. The changes are detailed below:

TOLES Higher Exam

From January 2022, this exam will not include a listening element. This has been something on the cards for some time. It is a great pity and we made strong representations for this not to happen as comprehension is a vital part of communication. Our Legal English trainers will continue to work diligently in lessons on listening comprehension and your lessons will not suffer as a result.

From January 2022, the TOLES exam will be contain reading and writing elements only - the same as TOLES Foundation and TOLES Advanced.

TOLES via Computer

The exams will be computerised from January 2022 and will not be in hard copy. They will continue to be invigilated. This means that you can continue to go to Exam Centres to take the TOLES exam.

Will your TOLES lessons change?

Our TOLES Legal English Skills course will adapt to reflect the needs of the exam. The quality will not suffer and our reputation as the best Legal English School will continue.

Legal English UK runs training programmes in the TOLES Test of Legal English Skills and Business English online and in London. For further information, contact us.

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