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Legal English Writing Masterclass

Legal English UK's Michael Davies has developed an excellent new course to improve your legal writing skills in English.

The Legal English Writing Masterclass is an online training programme designed for lawyers and legal professionals needing to improve their confidence and fluency in legal writing.

The course has been put together by Legal English UK's Michael Davies after consulting with numerous law firms and students working with Legal English UK. Michael has been working as a Legal English and Business English tutor for over 15 years and holds a law degree from The University of Abersytwyth. Prior to working as a Legal English tutor, he worked as a consultant with several law firms in Wales.

Find out about our Legal English Vocabulary Course

Legal Writing Course

The course begins with an introduction to the language and then looks at some ways to develop your writing skills. There are also lessons on punctuation and grammar with guided practice on developing your skillset in both areas. Here is a look at why you deserve this course in your life.

  • A comprehensive new course for learning legal English writing skills

  • Become more familiar with legal vocabulary and terminology

  • Develop your understanding of legal jargon

  • Learn how to write simple letters to your clients with confidence

  • Improve your legal skills?

  • Learn with an experienced Legal English teacher who has taught leading international lawyers from all over the world?

  • This course allows you to improve your legal English language skills by learning how to use articles, prepositions, punctuation.

  • Law firms are looking for candidates who have great communication skills. This course will give you the skills to have specialised communication skills.

  • This practical course is designed with the help of Legal English teachers and students to help you to improve your written English skills.

  • You will learn tips on enhancing your writing skills

  • You will gain a greater knowledge of key vocabulary used in the English legal system

  • You will learn how to use punctuation effectively in your writing

  • You will learn how to write letters in English

  • You will learn the basics of drafting clear commercial contracts

  • By the end of this course, you will have gained valuable knowledge and experience for writing fluently in Legal English and Business English

In the course, Michael looks at letter writing and contract drafting. Unlike other courses, these lessons focus on real-life examples so that you can fully understand how to compose an effective piece of legal writing. You will also receive a lifetime's access to the course for no additional fee.

Find out more about the Legal English Writing Masterclass.

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