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Learn Legal English for Free

Where do I learn Legal English for free?

Where can lawyers and law students find free content and lessons to help them learn Legal English? Looking for our online course? Click here

The web is a great resource for free content in Legal English and the TOLES Test of Legal English Skills, but there is so much material out there that it can be difficult to distinguish the great from the bad. In this blog article, we look at some of the ways Legal English Language Training helps lawyers and law students to improve their communication skills with free content.


Free Legal English/TOLES Lessons

We deliver hundreds of free trial Legal English classes to learners online. These usually take the form of a short interview/language level test along with a demonstration of how your tutor will teach the class. These are a great way of determining your language level and understanding the teaching style that most benefits you.


Learn Legal English on YouTube

This YouTube channel is run by some of our teachers and their aim is to release several videos a month. The channel is still young but it already has some excellent content for lawyers to improve their language skills for free.


Legal English on Facebook

Another way to keep in touch with developments in English law and receive tips on using the English language with maximum impact is to like the Legal English Facebook page. It is updated several times a day and is one of the most popular pages on learning Legal English and TOLES.


Attend Court

If you are based in the UK, you have the opportunity to attend courts of first instance as well as appeal courts. While cameras are not allowed in most British courtrooms, the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom usually has a live TV feed.


The Legal English School is the world's leading provider of language training courses for lawyers and legal professionals. For further information, please telephone (44) 0 20 3573 0182 or fill in the form below.

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