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Legal English Courses London

One to One Private Legal English Lessons

Learn Legal English and Business English around your work schedule in 2023


We offer a range of one-to-one Legal English, Business English and TOLES classes for all ambitious lawyers, translators and law students. Choose from 10, 15, 30 or 40 face-to-face lessons at our London school or book our world-class online live learning programme.


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Would you like to be a great communicator?

Private Legal English Classes

The Legal English School teaches a range of lawyers and law students from a diverse background of interests and motivations to study English. There are many valuable reasons why private English lessons are worth taking and we will look at several of them here.


Working to your schedule

Remember that you can decide the frequency of your lessons. The most popular choice is one lesson per week, but if you would prefer a short-term intensive course or a homestay residential course then this can easily be arranged by our team.


The best course materials

Our team is always looking to source the best course books, case studies and journal articles to enhance our courses. It is just another reason why the best lawyers choose The Legal English School.


Learn Business English Online


Business English Courses

We teach many business professionals who have relocated to London and Surrey.


We always say to our business students that Business English is not just about studying business vocabulary and idioms. Of course it is important to understand your area of business and communicate your thoughts confidently and fluently with native speakers, but it is also crucial to feel comfortable in specific business situations such as presentations and negotiations.


Many students also encounter problems speaking and listening to English on the telephone; others need to improve their grammatical accuracy while others need to be able to command any room that they walk into. We can help you with all these typical problems regardless of your country of origin thanks to our UNIQUE method of structured practice that puts you at the heart of every lesson.


What is The Oxford Comma and how can I use it?


Ten years of experience teaching Business English to top students

From our experience with business students, one of their major problems is something that English language schools never deal with in their Business English lessons. This is the ability for student5s to hold social conversations and make “small talk” in a business environment. This skill can be crucial in establishing and maintaining business relationships with Britons. The ability to discuss British culture, the latest news, the latest gossip or the latest football scores can be just as important as the ability to speak English in the office or in the pub after work. We can coach you with this social and cultural side of business and law as well.


The Legal English School works with clients such as Ashurst and Baker McKenzie to deliver world-class legal language training to successful lawyers around the world. For more on how we can help you, contact us today.

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